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A sampling of Cynthia Wachtell's radio interviews and essays

Radio interview with Bob Salter
WXRK Weekend Magazine

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Radio interview with Keidi Obi Awadu
Black Star Media

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Interview with Marshall Poe
New Books in History

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Cynthia Wachtell, antiwar writer

Battle Hymn of the Pacifist Mom: A Mother's Day Peace Proclamation From Author of "Battle Hymn of the Republic," Julia Ward Howe

The "Hell of War" – Walt Whitman and American Antiwar Literature

Mark Twain’s Early Protest against the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

What is Cynthia Wachtell reading?

Sarah Palin's Hometown, Wasilla, Alaska: What Are They Reading?

An American Tradition of War and War Protest

Video of interview with Sonali Kolhatkar
KPFK "Uprising" - syndicated on Pacifica Radio

Cynthia Wachtell, antiwar writer

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